Friday, 7 September 2018

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 7th September, 2018

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome Back
It has been great to see all the children back from the summer break this week. All pupils have returned with enthusiasm and are excited about the start of the new school year.
As I am sure you are more than aware, Broadford has had a tough summer with media stories which have taken their toll on us all. It’s a tough fact of life that we don’t learn much about ourselves or our character in good times. We can’t fully discover our strengths and shortcomings without being tested by adversity. How we deal with it, or how we learn to deal with it, is central to who we are – and how credible we continue to be. During this time the support that the school has received from the community has been overwhelming. We have read each and every one of your comments and messages of support which has given us the right attitude and has kept our goals and vision at the foremost of our minds. We have surely been tested these past few weeks but we cannot thank you enough for your support and commitment to Broadford.
As we move into the new academic year, we would like to take this opportunity to say that our commitment to our pupils and families is as strong as it has ever been. It is our priority to ensure that Broadford pupils continue to receive an outstanding education. I can assure you that staff will know your child personally and will ensure that we meet their needs fully. We will work tirelessly so that all of our pupils can achieve in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral and spiritual success and above all make sure that they are happy to attend school each and every day.
It is humbling to come to work everyday with an amazing team of staff who work their hardest to provide your children with magical experiences and support them to achieve extraordinary outcomes. During this difficult time we have learned much about ourselves and our character, we have discovered our strengths and we know that as a community we can work together, move forward and I have no doubt will emerge stronger than ever.
Your continuous support and commitment is as always very much appreciated.

SLT - Senior Leadership Team
I am delighted to inform you of the names and roles of the Senior Leadership Team for Broadford this academic year. As Headteacher I am ably supported by three Assistant Headteachers (AHT).
Mrs Joanne Stanley - AHT (EYFS & KS1) Professional Development & Director of the Teaching School
Mrs Jane Wallis - AHT (KS2) SEND & Inclusion
Mrs Georgina Ward - AHT (KS2) & Curriculum
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We will be on the gate every morning for you to speak to in person and to help you with any enquiries.

New Staff
We are delighted to introduce our new members of staff to you.
Miss O Hamlin - Birch Year 4 class teacher
Miss S Breen - Elm Year 5 class teacher
Ms Y Olomolaiye - Maple Year 5 class teacher
Miss T Nicholas - Willow Year 6 class teacher
Miss J Higgins - Larch Year 6 class teacher.
I know you will join us in warmly welcoming them all to the Broadford team.

Pupil Jobs and Homework Expectations
For our established parents you already know that we accept only the best at Broadford. We achieve this by working together with our families and emphasizing some key values. Pupils are expected to:
1. Turn up every day on time
2. Do their best in every lesson
3. Be kind and polite to everyone that they meet

Parents and carers are expected to:
1. Ensure that our children arrive on time for school and ready to learn:
a. We will have provided our children with a healthy breakfast
b. They will have warm clean clothing
c. We will make sure they have the right equipment for school (book bag, reading record, PE kit)

2. We will support our children’s learning at home through:

a. Reading regularly
b. Helping them to practise their spellings and mental maths
c. Encouraging them in their interests

3. We will model politeness and kindness to every-one we meet
We will ensure that our staff are professional, approachable and focused on making sure that every child in their care achieves their full potential. Working together we can continue to deliver outstanding results for our pupils so that they have every chance of going on to succeed at the next stage of their education.

All pupils are expected to continue their learning at home. Or years 1-6 there are three core elements for this:
Pupils must read every night 15 mins (this may involve an adult reading them a bedtime story)
Pupils must practise their spellings for 15 mins ready for the test on Friday
Pupils must practise their times tables for 15 mins a night

Shared mailboxes and communication
Don’t forget that you can contact staff using the shared mailboxes. They are checked daily and can be used to ask questions, pass on information or check details:

If you would prefer an appointment with your child’s class teacher then please call into the office to fix a time.

To ensure that we continue to be environmentally friendly and in order to reduce our carbon footprint we have been circulating our newsletter online via the school website, blog and facebook page. If you would like to continue to receive a paper copy or an electronic copy of the newsletter via email please come into the office and inform Mrs Taylor. If you do not make a specific request you will be able to access the newsletter on the school blog, Twitter feed and facebook page every Friday. I am sure you will agree with us that this is going a long way towards us becoming a ‘greener’ school and working towards a better future for all of our children.

Key Dates for the Autumn Term 2018

Autumn 1
Autumn 2
Monday 15th October
Parents Evening 1
Monday 10th December
KS1 Nativity 9.15 / 2.00
Tuesday 16th October
Parents Evening 2
Tuesday 11th December
EYFS Nativity 10.30/2.00
Friday 19th October
Last day of half term
Thursday 13th December
Year 3 Carol Concert 2.00
Monday 29th October
Pupils back to school
Friday 14th December
Year 5 Carol Concert 2.00

Monday 17th December
Year 6 Carol Concert

Year 4 Carol Concert @ St George’s Church TBC

Wednesday 19th December
Last day of the Autumn Term.

INSET Dates & Polling Day for 2018-19
Please note the school closure dates for this academic year.

INSET day 1
INSET day 2
INSET day 3
INSET day 4
INSET day 5
3rd September
4th September
7th January
29th April
5th June
Please note that the final day of the summer term will be on Friday 19th July, 2019.

Term Dates 2018-19

Parents Calendar
All dates are available on the calendar from the school website. On the front page at the top right hand side, click on the calendar label which will direct you straight to the electronic calendar.

All of the dates are published on our weekly newsletter which can be accessed via the school website, twitter feed or facebook page. Or alternatively you can request hard copies or email versions from the school office.

Dairy Dates - Monday 10th - Friday 14th September 
We are looking forward to meeting our Reception pupils and parents on Monday for their stay and play sessions and then Reception pupils have their first day on Tuesday.
Mrs Ward is introducing the KS2 pupils to our new Worldly Wise Assemblies on Monday morning, Look out for further information soon. Year 4 pupils start their Mary Poppins book project with pupils from Mead and Drapers’ Brookside on Monday morning.
On Wednesday morning KS2 pupils will be introduced to the new SPaG Detective, Fact Hunter and Mathematics Challenge assembly, this is an opportunity for pupils to use their skills in various contexts. LAMDA lessons commence on Wednesday afternoon.
On Thursday afternoon Year 2 have an information visit from the Fire Brigade.
On Friday 14th we are welcoming our Nursery parents and pupils for their stay and play sessions.

Havering Catering Services

Week beginning Monday 10th September is week 3 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.20.

Weekly Attendance - Target 96%
Pupil Job 1 - Turn up every day on time.
Don't forget at Broadford we do not only reward 100% attendance but if you keep up attendance above 96% you become part of the 96%+ club and earn yourself extra bouncing time on 'Go Bonkers' day in the summer term.
The class attendance league will kick off again this September. Each week the class with the highest attendance win the most points in the league and displays the shiny attendance trophy proudly in their classroom. At the end of each term, the class with the most points earns a class trip to Jump Evolution!
If your class gets 100% attendance for a whole week you could earn a cupcake party.
At Broadford we take attendance very seriously, with sprinkles on top and lots of bouncy fun!!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.
Yours sincerely,

Mrs L Nicholls

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  1. Looking forward to taking my grandson Eddie when he starts Reception next Monday. He had wonderful Nursery teachers and I'm sure this will be replicated in Reception. Wishing all the staff at Broadford and Mead a successful academic year. I have a foot in the Mead Camp too, as my other 2 grandchildren attend there. ��