Saturday 9 March 2019

Dairy Dates - Monday 11th - Friday 15th March

On Monday 11th some of our cyclists are going to Redbridge cycling center for the day. Year 1 (Rowan class) are visiting the Discover centre at Stratford. Rev Rich is in school to take over our Monday morning assembly. 

On Tuesday morning Cathy Forrester will be running her monthly drop in session, she will be at the school office if you have health questions that need answering. Reception have their stay and learn session and we look forward to welcoming as many parents as possible. There is a football match after school. After school our year 5 musicians will be rehearsing for their music junction project at Drapers’.

On Wednesday we have a visitor from Free The Children working with our pupil volunteers to organise a charity day. In the afternoon year 1 spinebreakers are visit to Hilldene library.

On Thursday morning we are looking forward to the parents of pupils in year 4 joining us for their stay & learn session at 2.30pm.

We finish the week on Friday with the University of Broadford, graduation is only a few weeks away.

Stay & Learn Sessions
We invite all parents & carers to join us for this half term parents stay & learn session.
Tuesday 12th March @ 9.05am - reception with a focus of early reading.
Thursday 14th March @ 2.30 pm - year 4 with a focus of topic work.


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