Friday 22 March 2019

Dairy Dates - Monday 25th - Friday 29th March

On Monday reception pupils who are taking part in the fluoride programme are having their second application of fluoride. Our year 5 musicians are visiting St Paul’s Way trust to continue their rehearsals ahead of their performance in May.

We look forward to welcoming parents and carers of year 5 pupils on Tuesday morning for their stay and learn session. In the afternoon Harry Potter book club are watching film 5 in preparation for their next quiz round.

On Thursday year 3 pupils are participating in a mystery workshop, year 3 spine breakers are visiting Waterstones and Year 1 parents are invited to attend the stay and play session in the afternoon. After school the football team are playing against Brookside. Let’s hope they continue their winning streak.

On Friday the Broadford maths team are travelling to City Hall to represent us in this years Count on Us mathematics competition. The rest of us will be preparing for Graduation in one of the final University of Broadford sessions.

Stay & Learn Sessions
We invite all parents & carers to join us for this half term parents stay & learn session.
Tuesday 26th March @ 9.00 am - year 5 with a focus of topic work.
Thursday 28th March @ 2.30 pm - year 1 with a focus of topic work.

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