Friday, 11 December 2020

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 11th December, 2020

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Last weekend was certainly very challenging with the year 1 bubble and a year 3 class having to close,  I want to thank parents and carers for being so understanding. It has been wonderful to see all of the work you have been doing at home on Google classroom over the week.

Unfortunately year 1 will not be back in school before Christmas but as today is Christmas jumper day we would love to see some photos of the children wearing their Christmas wear.

On Monday we are welcoming back our year 4 children and staff after 2 weeks of isolating and on Friday our year 3 (Cherry class) staff and pupils, we are really looking forward to seeing them and welcoming them all back to school. 

Over the next week, staff will be posting all the videos and photographs of our Christmas celebrations in school so keep an eye out for all of those stories. 

Please be reminded that if your child is self isolating or quarantining for Christmas, they should not be leaving your home at all during the period of self isolation or quarantine, this may put others or themselves at risk.


The school is responsible for advising parents and staff of any new positive coronavirus test results (for pupils) up to and including 23rd December. We sincerely hope this won’t be necessary but would urge parents to please advise school via the following e-mail of any positive cases detected up to this date please. 

After this date you have to use the NHS contact tracing system if there was a need to report a positive case of Covid-19. 

Reception Admissions September 2021

If your child is looking to join our school in Reception 2021, it is vital that your application is completed by 15th January 2021 or it is likely you miss out. Last year we had over 190 applications for just 90 places. Even with a 3 form intake, we have more expressions of interest than we have places – YOU MUST APPLY! Attending our Nursery will have no impact on your application. Many parents mistakenly believe that a place in the Nursery = a place in Reception… it doesn’t!

Christmas Parties

There will be Festive Parties for children in Nursery, Reception and years 1-6 on Friday 18th December. You don’t need to send in party clothes or food. The pupils can wear their school uniform but they are very welcome to bring in a festive sweater (and headwear if you have it) to wear for the occasion.  We will also provide all the food for them too.

Final Day of Term: Friday 18th December

We finish school on Friday 18th December. School opens again on Monday 4th january  – Breakfast Club at 7.45am – with the gates opening from 8.30am and the usual staggered times in place. .

Havering Catering Services

Next week year groups have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas dinner in school. This will be served to different year groups on different days. This is so that pupils can eat their Christmas dinner in the hall and enjoy a festive experience. The hall will be cleaned in between each sitting. Due to the fact that the kitchen will be cooking over 120 Christmas dinners daily there will be a different menu for the rest of the school please see below. 

Christmas dinner will be roast turkey with the trimmings and there is also a vegetarian option available. 

Monday 14th - year 6

Tuesday - Reception and year 4

Wednesday - Year2 and year 3

Thursday - Nursery (30 hours) and year 5

Children can wear Christmas jumpers and headwear on their Christmas dinner day if they would like to. 

Monday 14th 

Blue = Ham, Cheese or Tuna & Sweetcorn Baguette.

Green = Vegetable wellington(VE)


Tuesday 15th 

Blue = Chicken, Tuna or Cheese Pasta pot

Green = Vegetable wellington(VE)


Wednesday 16th 

Blue = Ham, Cheese or Tuna & Sweetcorn Baguette.

Green = Vegetable wellington(VE)


Thursday 17t

Blue = Chicken, Tuna or Cheese Pasta Pot

Green = Vegetable wellington(VE)


Friday 18th  

Red = Fish and Chips
Blue = Jacket Potato with choice of fillings
Green = Spanish Style Paella (VE)

E for Excellence Winners

These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.


Noah and Nikita








































Certificate of Presentation

The following children have been recognised for the beautifully presented work in their books. They clearly take pride in all that they do and are doing their best in every lesson. 

Finley, Ameerah, 

Star Writers

These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.  

Adarsh, Elena, Ava, Aimen, Aksanan, Alex, Elyakim, Dolly, Aida, Qhaleed, Bella, Victoria, Dhriti, Adam, Samuel, Maisie, Sophie, Justinas

Learning Power Awards

These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life. 


These children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective  ideas and methods from others. 

Tianna-Louise, Riley, Kenzie, Ite, Ayla


These pupils have planned carefully, revised ideas, identified key features and can talk about their learning. 

Aryaan, Aadya, Danny C, Leanne, Maalik,


These children have demonstrated perseverance, managed distractions, noticed patterns and been absorbed in their tasks. 

Elsie, Abdulahad, Gracie, Mason, Dorrie, Zayd


These pupils have been curious about learning, made links between ideas, shown imagination, reasoned methodically and capitalised on resources. 

Eesa, Victoria, Edward, Awwal, Praharsh, Rashid, Isabella, Roberto

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Yours sincerely,


Mrs L Nicholls 


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