Thursday, 4 March 2021

Return to School - End of Day

Afternoon Collection

Nursery and Reception Parents

Please use the main by the main office and collect your children from where you dropped them off in the morning.


15 hour children and 2 year olds AM: 8:30-11:30am
30 hour children: 9-3pm
15 hour and 2 year olds PM: 12-3pm
Drop off in the morning nursery door and collection from the gate leading from the outside area. 

Reception - 3.00 pm (Wednesday dismissal 1.00 pm)

Reception entrance

Pupils in Years 1-6

Parents are asked to enter the school site via the large vehicle gate towards the bottom of the hill on Farringdon Avenue. Please stand on a spot which corresponds to your child's class. The teachers will dismiss the pupils when they can see who is collecting them. Once you have collected your child please exit the site via the gate on Farringdon Avenue by the new hall or if you have a buggy, bike or scooter you can exit the via the vehicle gate. Please observe the one way system to ensure that the flow of people is constant.

In gate all everyone - gate will open at 3.00pm

Out gate for parents and pupils on foot

Out gate for parents and pupils on foot.

Out gate for parents with buggies/prams or pupils on bikes/scooters.

There will be members of staff available in the morning and afternoon to assist you. 

3.05 pm - Years 4 & 6 (Wednesday dismissal 12.55 pm)

3.10 pm - Year 1 & 2 (Wednesday dismissal 1.00 pm)

3.15 pm - Years 3 & 5 (Wednesday dismissal 1.05 pm)

Coloured Spots

There are two sets of coloured spots. The first set are the ones closest to the sports field. Classes will stand on the following coloured spots. 

Coloured spots - set 1

Red 1 - Rowan, Larch, Redwood

Blue 1 - Pine, Birch, Willow

Yellow 1 - Mulberry, Ash 

Coloured spots - set 2

Red 2 - Walnut, Elm 

Blue 2 - Apricot, Almond, Cherry

Yellow 2 - Beech, Lime, Cedar

Can I ask that only 1 parent collects your child/children so that we can avoid gatherings on school premises. Please ensure that you arrive at the correct time to ensure that there are a minimum number of people in one place at any one time.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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