Friday 14 May 2021

Number Rock Out Day - Winners!

Wow! What a fabulous Friday we had last week celebrating Number Rock Out Day across the school. It was so lovely to see all the children from nursery all the way to year 6 transform into rock stars for the day!

A special congratulations to our top scorers across the school - we are amazed at how well you did!

The top class in the whole school was Cherry with 3,149 points. They came 14th overall in the whole country, which is absolutely incredible! They have earned themselves a special treat next week!

Our top earners across the school were:

1st - Aksanan with 15,582 points, coming 28th out of every child in the country!

2nd - Liroshan with 11,349 points

3rd - Israel with 10,902 points

These scores are outstanding and we could not be more proud of you!

An additional congratulations to our top scorers in each year group:

Year 1
Most valuable players - Liroshan, Elena and Chidera
2nd most valuable players - Teo and Veer
3rd most valuable players - Arnish and Muhammad

Year 2
Most valuable players - Hashir, Khalifa and Karimah
2nd most valuable players - Chisom, Ali and Louie-Ray
3rd most valuable players - Anushri, Oliver and Pranav

Year 3
Most valuable players - Aksanan, Ehan and Praharsh
2nd most valuable players - Fatimah, Shivangi and Adu
3rd most valuable players - Anna, Summer and Awwal

Year 4
Most valuable players - Dhriti, Courtney, Shajia and Chidubem
2nd most valuable players - Louie, Iniya and Caden
3rd most valuable players - Layla M, Ruby P and Laura

Year 5
Most valuable players - Israel and Katlyn
2nd most valuable players - Ellie W and Brooke
3rd most valuable players - Fola and D'shawn

Year 6
Most valuable players - John and Kiera
2nd most valuable players - Kyla and Roxy
3rd most valuable players - Riley and Bayleigh

Here are some highlights from the day across the school:

"I loved dressing like a rock star; it was lovely." Ryan, Reception

"I love playing on TT Rockstars; I want to earn as many coins as possible!" Caden, Year 4

For more pictures and information about the day, please see the individual year group blogs here:

Nursery, Reception, Key Stage 1, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6.

Keep on rocking, Broadford! 

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