Thursday 16 December 2021

Sports for Schools - money raised!

 Wow, wow, wow!

Frederick and the team had the best day when they visited Broadford Primary School!  You worked so hard completing all the physical activities.  

We have finally counted all the money you raised.  Not only did you raise a whopping £1909.55 for us to spend on equipment for the pupils BUT you also raised £1273.04 towards helping up and coming athletes in England to train and become even better.  

Your teachers will hand out the prices you have won from the fundraising on Friday 17th December.  Congratulations!

We asked the children what equipment they would like and what they think they need at playtime and lunchtime.  This is what we will spend the money on.  As soon as it is purchased, we will share with you the results of your hard labour.

Well done and congratulations again!

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