Tuesday 20 December 2022

100% Attendance & Attendance League.

We have some impressive statistics for our attendance this term. 

115 pupils have managed to maintain a perfect score which means that 23% of our population is at 100%. 

17 of them come from KS1 and 98 from KS2. 

We were delighted to reward them with their certificates and badges this week. 

Well done on ensuring that you have done Job #1 brilliantly… turn up every day on time! 

Lots of other pupils received a 96%+ award and are still in the running for some extra bouncy time during Go Bonkers day! 

Congratulations to Pine and Cedar class who have managed to finish top of the class attendance league. Their overall total of 119 and 123 means that they have really earned their reward which they will enjoy at the beginning of the new year!

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