Monday, 30 June 2014

Weekly Winners: Housepoints, MDA & Trackers


Red – Faringdon 47

Blue – Chatteris 60

Yellow – Dulverton 46

Green – Cricklade 61

Orange – Dudley 25

Congratulations to Green (Cricklade) who have managed to win the House Point trophy this week!

MDA Award Winners:
These wonderful children have been particularly helpful at lunchtimes this week.

EYFS & KS1 Brooklyn Meggoe

KS2 James Burnett

Tracker Awards:
Ella Floyd, Holly Turner, Suada Cacaj & Iasha Sillah have finished their Silver trackers. Attim Nombeko, Lewis Godfrey & Suzi Forcagz have completed their Golden trackers. Isaac Stevens has claimed his Platinum Pencil & Pen set. Georgia Brooks & Harry Vincent have completed their Platinum trackers.

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