Thursday, 30 April 2015

Count On Us Challenge

This week three of our pupils took part in the Mayor of London's Count On Us Challenge. Competing in heats against 8 other schools the children had to work through space, number and code breaking challenges. Razvan, Isaac and Sophie had to communicate well as a team to solve the questions with pentominoes and tangrams. Then they faced an individual contest against other schools, matching their mental maths knowledge against the other London schools.

Across the competition, 100 schools have competed and 300 children have taken part. The final is in June... and we may have qualified. Just watch this space!

In the tangrams round we had to talk to each other about how we felt the pieces fitted together. If you snatched them or took over, it made it much harder to get the solution. If we got stuck, we each encouraged the other to try and think of it in a different way.
Isaac Stevens

In the 24 game rounds, you had to keep going for 8 minutes. To keep up your concentration for that long was tough. The other children were so fast! In the second round I felt like giving up becuase the child opposite was like lightening. As soon as the card was turned he would get it. However once I got one right and claimed the card I felt more confident and was able to win more points.
Razvan Gabreanu

Count on Us is a pan-London numeracy programme that works with schools to help young Londoners reach a level of numeracy skill that allows them to meet their full potential, get a decent job and seize the opportunities London offers. The programme includes Maths Clubs, Count on Us Parents, as well as the Challenge.

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