Tuesday 4 August 2015

University of Broadford

We believe that the pupils should have the opportunity to choose a topic or skill that they would want to learn about. We believe that staff should have the opportunity to use an interest or skill of their own to inspire a high quality experience for the pupils.

Broadford University runs every Spring Term for ten weeks. The staff decide on a course that they might be able to offer:  for example knitting, cookery, maths and drama. The pupils then sign up for the course they are most interested in.

Each week - on a Friday afternoon - our pupils have an hour long session learning and developing this new skill. At the end of the course, the pupils graduate with their degree!

I studied Polish with Mr Lander. It was great to learn a new language. We have lots of children at school who speak it. They were able to help me with some of the tricky words!

In our course we learnt about textiles and design. We created mood boards to help us decide on the colours that we would use. Then Miss Reynolds showed us how to make our own t-shirts using our ideas. 

I really liked working in mixed groups. In our ICT course, we had pupils from Y3, Y4 and Y6. We don't normally get the chance to work together. Our animation was great and everyone helped!

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