Thursday 27 August 2015

Bannockburn Primary Visit

Following our visit to Bannockburn Primary earlier this year, we were delighted to welcome their pupils back to our school.

Why do we link up with other schools?
We believe that is is important for both our staff and pupils to be aware of schools from different areas and schools where there are some real contrasts to what we typically experience at Broadford.

Bannockburn is a school in Greenwich (Plumstead) - South London
They have a much larger intake - four forms of entry
Their school is split over two sites
There are a much higher proportion of pupils for whom English is an additional language
At both of their sites there is very little open space
Their school buildings are on many different levels - one has four floors!

It was great to show the Bannockburn pupils our outdoor learning areas. We were surprised at how little playground and field space they have... even though they are bigger than us. It was great to take them on the adventure trail and on the field.

At their school we saw that they have a new kitchen area. However we have Mr Borrell who teaches us how to cook. They loved making chicken chow mein with them. To begin with my partner wasn't too sure of how to use the knife safely but I was able to help her. I have been to cookery club twice!

Hopefully we will be able to continue the link with Bannockburn in the new school year as the pupils clearly hit it off and enjoyed showing each other their schools. Both of us have benefitted from the link. Due to what we saw in Greenwich, we will now be offering LAMDA classes from September. Likewise Bannockburn are now likely to join the Count On Us Challenge!

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