Tuesday 11 August 2015

100% Heroes

Everyone knows that you should turn up for school every day. However at Broadford Primary the most important job for all pupils is to 'turn up every day on time'. By really impressing the importance of excellent attendance on the pupils, the school has seen their attendance rise from 93.2% four years ago to over 96% in the last academic year. This year 43 pupils managed to achieve a perfect attendance score. But that is no longer enough to be the best. 

In 2014-15 Broadford Primary had 7 pupils who had managed two consecutive years attendance including three pupils who have now not missed a single day for 3 years!

"Turning up every day is our number one value. If the children aren't here they can't learn and benefit from the experiences on offer. If a pupil misses just 5% each year, over their time at Primary school they will have missed over a term of school. To have so many pupils who Re achieving perfect scores and doing it year after year really shows how the culture of the school has changed. Better attendance, means better progress which brings better results."

Malcolm Drakes - Headteacher

To mark the pupils incredible achievement the school's Governors were delighted to come in and act as waiters for a tea and cupcake party held in their honour.

"To have pupils who have attended for over 570 consecutive days of school is amazing. Serving them drinks, giving them a cupcake and presenting them with their trophies was the least we could do, we are so proud of what they have achieved"
Gill Gordon - Chair of Governors

In addition to this, Fitzroy, Harry, Hakeem, Lucy, Olamide, Holly and Jack all received Argos vouchers as a reward for their consecutive achievements.

So what is their secret? How have these pupils managed to avoid missing a day...

"I just love the lessons that we have every day. There is always something new to learn and the teachers have lots of fun activities. I don't want to miss out!"
Lucy Stevens - aged 9 - Birch Class

"At our school we have lots of trips and visitors. If you miss a day then you really lose out. Why would I want to stay at home when I can learn new facts, have Science lessons with real Bunsen burners, go to Sky Garden in London or speak to a real Viking?
Hakeem Bakreen - aged 11 - Palm class

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