Saturday 10 September 2016

Homework Expectations

We believe that our pupils will benefit from regularly practising their key skills. We believe that it is important parents and families share in reinforcing our pupils' knowledge of spellings and times tables so that their confidence grows. This will help them to make accelerated progress in their lessons in school.

This means that all pupils are expected to continue their learning at home. For Years 1-6 there are three core elements for this:
  1. Pupils must read every night 15 mins (this may involve an adult reading them a bedtime story)
  2. Pupils must practise their spellings for 15 mins ready for the test on Friday
  3. Pupils must practise their times tables for 15 mins a night
Learning Challenge
In addition to this we have a Learning Challenge which is set by every Year group for each half term. This helps to give ideas on how the children can enrich their learning by looking at: 
  • specific paintings
  • composers
  • poems
  • significant people
We would anticipate that it takes around 4-6 weeks for your child to complete the activities. They choose to do this and can take on as many elements as they wish. Should our pupils complete all, or part, of the challenge they will receive a certificate in assembly.

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