Friday 12 May 2017

Broadford travel 'Into the Woods' with CPA

On Wednesday, the KS2 children at Broadford Primary were visited by some very talented students from CPA Studios. As part of their year 2 assessment, the students had put together a performance based on the well known film, 'Into the Woods'. 

The performance was engaging and thoroughly entertaining and the actors had clearly worked hard to produce such an astounding show. 

After the performance, the children in year 5 were fortunate enough to take part in a workshop. During the workshop, the children re-enacted a song and a dance from the show. They then performed this in a round and were fantastic; we certainly have some potential CPA students in the making.

Miss Cook (Teacher) "The performance was spectacular, one of the best we have ever seen here at Broadford!" 

Arhaan Kaushal (Year 5 - Maple Class) "I thought the way they used the props to make each set was really creative and imaginative: it made me feel like I was actually there. My favourite part was when the two princes were dancing together because their acting was really over the top making that scene so amusing!" 

Ranita Ariyini (Year 4 - Ash  Class) "I really enjoyed the way all my favourite fairy tales were combined together to create this performance. By their costumes and characters, you could easily identify who the characters were. Milky Way (the cow) was my favourite character especially when she kept mooing towards the audience, it was hilarious."

All in all, a great afternoon and we look forward to the performance next year. 

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