Monday 22 May 2017

Walk to School Week

Last week was Walk to School week and there were many exciting events going on in school. Children have participated in walking activities for the health benefits, environmental reasons and also to just have fun! 

All week, children recorded their steps in teams as part of the walking team challenge. The winners will be announced this week after all the forms have been collected, counted and verified. 

The fabulous JTAs have kept count of how many children walked to school and we are pleased to report that there was a steady increase throughout the week, culminating in 327 children walking to school on Friday and enjoying a delicious walker's breakfast! This proves that the Walk to School message spread positively throughout the week and that the JTAs were effective in spreading their enthusiasm and support for the activities. 

Happy Shoesday was a big success too! There were countless pairs and children decorated their shoes in so many creative and exciting ways including using shoe capes and decorating with tinsel, fur, sequins and stickers. There are some photos below so you can see the effort the children made. It was great to see so many vibrant shoes walking into school on Tuesday! 

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the activities for Walk to School week. You made a difference to the environment and your own health and helped spread the important message that walking is good! 

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