Monday 22 May 2017

Diary Dates

Maths Parties
You are warmly invited to come and join in the maths parties. Please note the date for your child’s year group.  
Reception - Thursday 25th May (In classrooms) @ 2.15 pm
Year 1 - Thursday 15th June (In classrooms) @ 9.15 am
Year 2 - Friday 26th May (In classrooms) @ 9.15 am
Year 3 - Friday 9th June (In the hall) @ 9.15 am
Year 4 - Friday 16th June (In the hall) @9.15 am
Year 5 - Friday 30th June (In the hall) @ 9.15 am
Year 6 - Friday 7th July (In the hall) @ 9.15 am

Diary Dates
On Wednesday 24th May at 9.00 am the KS1&2 dancers and the KS1&2 singers will be sharing what they have been doing during club time in the sharing assembly. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.
On Wednesday year 4 pupils will be taking part in a creative composition project. Year 5&6 pupils will be visiting Mead to watch a performance of the Firebird.
On Thursday 25th May year 4 will continue their creative composition project. Year 6 pupils are visiting the Olympic park in Stratford for the Shell live event.
At 2.15 pm on Thursday 25th, we would like to invite parent and carers of reception pupils to a maths party. You will find out how your child learns maths and will have the opportunity to complete some activities with your children.
On Friday 26th May at 9.15 am, we warmly invite parents and carers of pupils in year 2 to their maths party. Brush up on your times tables before you arrive, there may be opportunities for parent participation.

We break up on Friday 26th May for half term and return to school on Monday 5th June.

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