Monday 30 October 2017

Broadford named a National Support School

Just before half term, Mr Drakes had to journey up to Leeds to be inducted as a National Leader for Education. With this accreditation, Broadford is also designated as a National Support School - which runs alongside our Teaching School designation.

The status is great recognition of the work that has been done by all parents, governors and staff to improve outcomes for our pupils. Now it also means that we can work alongside other schools to support their improvement journey as well.

Broadford has really benefitted from sharing ideas with others, seeing best practice in action and being supported by other school leaders. It is now wonderful to have the chance to repay some of the kindness and support that was shown to us as we started out journey. To continually work alongside and with others will only help to keep our ideas fresh and challenge our thinking so that our school continues to develop and flourish.

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