Friday 20 October 2017

Parents Reading Sessions

One of our priorities in school is to teach every child to read and to keep them reading way into the future. Reading often and widely provides the pupils with opportunities to access new words, new worlds and new ideas. Children who read a lot do very well in school because they can access the full curriculum. We would like to invite parents of KS2 pupils to a reading afternoon so that you can learn more about developing a love of reading with your child. We will be providing you with information about ‘My Bookblog’ which is a web based resource that the pupils can access at home. We hope that you are able to join us on this occasion to gain valuable knowledge which will enable you to support your child’s learning at home. Please note the following dtaes and times for your child's year group.

Monday 30th October - Year 3 @ 2.00pm
Tuesday 31st October - Year 4 @ 2.00 pm
Thursday 2nd November - Year 6 @ 2.00 pm
Friday 3rd November - Year 5 @ 9.00am

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