Friday 12 January 2018

Amazing Animations!

University of Broadford has arrived and some of our children will be creating amazing animations over the next 10 weeks!

Details of the course can be found below:|
Amazing Animations

Ambitious Aims

During the 10 weeks in ‘Amazing Animations’, the pupils will learn all about the history behind animations, discovering how animations are made and exploring the different types of animation that are used to create blockbuster animated movies of today and in the past. They will use a variety of skills to complete the activities and by the end of the course, the pupils will have planned, directed and produced their very own animated films.

Amazing Activities

Week 1 - Discover the history of animations.

Week 2 - Explore the power of flip animations.

Week 3 - Create a short stop animation.

Week 4 - Exploring technology used for animations.

Week 5 - Generating ideas and storyboarding for animated film.

Week 6 - Creating props needed for short animated film.

Week 7 - Filming short animated film.

Week 8 - Continue to film short animated film.

Week 9 - Using sound clips and sound effects including voices.

Week 10- Editing and producing animated movies.

Fantastic Finale

At the end of the course, the children will showcase their amazing animations to their friends and family and publish them on the Broadford Youtube Channel. They will have the opportunity to explain all of the steps and processes involved in their creations and the decisions behind their animated film.

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