Tuesday 16 January 2018

Young Voices Concert

The time is nearly here for the Broadford Key Stage 2 choir to be part of the biggest choir in the country! The concert is on Tuesday 30th January and we will be travelling by coach to the O2, leaving school at 11am. The children will rehearse at the O2 all day and will receive a hot lunch at the venue. They must then have a packed lunch for them to eat at teatime. Please ensure they have two drinks to stay hydrated throughout the day. The O2 are incredibly strict with their security this year so we ask that the children do not bring anything else other than their lunch. Large (adult sized) rucksacks are strictly forbidden.

The concert will start at 7pm so please make sure to arrive well before then if you have tickets. The security staff have advised us that it may take longer than usual to enter the venue, due to the increased security checks. In order to ensure a prompt start time, please try to avoid taking large bags into the venue, as they will be searched. Young Voices recommend that you either photocopy each ticket or make a note of all the details such as Block, Row and Seat number in case somebody loses their tickets.

If you have ordered tickets, they are available to collect from the office from Monday 22nd January. They must be collected and signed for by an adult.

The concert should finish at around 9pm and the children will be travelling back to Broadford on the coach. It is incredibly busy at the O2 with thousands of children trying to find their parents. In order to keep all the children safe, we cannot allow any parents to pick their children up outside the venue. We should arrive back at school at around 10pm, although it depends on how quickly we leave the arena. We will be sure to update you via the Facebook page so that you have a better idea of our arrival time.

Owing to the late finish of the concert, children are permitted to come into school slightly later on Wednesday 31st January (at 11am). The children will not receive a late mark for this.

If you have any other questions about the concert, please do not hesitate to find me at the end of the day in Sequoia.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Claxton 

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