Friday 19 January 2018

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 19th January, 2018

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls 

Dear Parents and Carers,

New Building Update
As I am sure you have all noticed the new building project is well underway. We met with the site team this week and can report that 80% of the concrete has been poured into the foundations and everything is going well and according to plan. The building team are going to visit our assembly very soon and give the pupils an update on how the project is moving forward. They may even choose some lucky pupils for a sneak peek! We will keep you updated with the project over the next few months.  

Diary Dates
On Monday 22nd Maple class will continue with their swimming lessons.
The Mulberry spinebreakers are going to visit the library on Tuesday 23rd in the afternoon and the netball team are playing a match against St Ursula’s after school.
We would like to invite all parents and carers of pupils in Maple class to their sharing assembly on Wednesday 24th at 9.05 am and to look at the work in their books afterwards.
On Wednesday 24th the football team are involved in a football tournament at play football in Romford. LAMDA lessons continue on Wednesday afternoon and year 6 have a visit from the CSI road safety theatre company.
On Friday 26th we welcome parents and carers from year 3 to their maths party. This an opportunity for you to take part in some maths activities with your children and find out more information about how they learn maths. We hope that many of you are able to join us on this occasion.

Key Dates
Last day of the Half Term
INSET Day - School Closed
Parents’ Evening
Last Day of Spring Term
Thursday 8th February
Friday 9th February
Monday 26th March
Tuesday 27th March
Thursday 29th March
Half Term: Monday 12th - Friday 16th February
School is closed for INSET on Friday 9th of February, so the children’s last day this half term will be Thursday 8th and then they return to school on Monday 19th

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning 22nd January is week 3 on the havering catering Services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.20.

Weekly Attendance
KS1: -   Cherry 99%       KS2: - Maple 98% Overall:  95.48%
Congratulations to Cherry and Maple who top the attendance table this week.  It is good to see our overall % creeping towards the 96% target.

E for Excellence Winners:
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Tavia Towe-Enu
Gracee-May Coble
Isla Saunders
Esther Fadele
Layla Millar
Martina Rensch
Moyin Ayodola
Grace Gore
Freddie Sheppard
Olivia Wheal
Jessica Butler
Michael Rack
Alice Adedipe
Rashida Sillah
Certificate of Presentation:
The following children have presented their work beautifully and take pride in all that they do in their books.
Brandon Cohen, Fayo Ayodola, Joseph Nwaokolo, Harry Kaylor, Jack Dempsey

Star Writers:
These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.  
Danny Howe, Tegan Sage, Leah Sharpe, Riley Whitcombe, Megan Lewis, Archie Patrick-Stuart, Kara Middleton, Sophia Houlston, Aaliyah Shae Vidol, Ranita Aribi, Callum Watson, Daniel Tonu, Grace Leadbitter, Miley Jeffery

Learning Power Awards:
These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.
These children have demonstrated effective Reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns.
Tiffany Dash, Conor Borrell, Gabriela Zaikauskaite, Adrian Luca, Bailey Baker, Alin Botonog, Indie Sale, Ruben Roberts

These children have shown that they can manage distraction, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your Resilience certificate:
Caitlin Bowden, Layla-Rose Mahad, Alfie Bloy, Charlie Matthams, Lillie Mersh, Max Holmyard

These children have managed to show that they can plan and revise ideas to earn their Reflectiveness certificate. Shane Kirk Being able to show that you can make links between ideas and showing imagination demonstrates Resourcefulness.
Freddie Jordan, Arya Shah, Nathan Ehihon, Lola-Mae Trinder, Ketty Omwanghe, Mikkileigh Williamson

These pupils have been awarded their Reflectiveness certificate this week for planning carefully, revising ideas and talking about their learning. Well done to;
Shane Kirk, Arya Shah, Nathan Ehihon, Naleli Sibanda

Learning Challenge
These children have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge work.
Mia Borisova, Augustas Baradinskas, Adrian Luca, Nicole Alao, Kara Middleton, Polina Backane, Summer Carruth, Tele Onabajo,

Reading Awards
In recognition of the pupils’ ability to devour books, immerse themselves in stories and read relentlessly at home.
Ruben Roberts, Michael Sloan, Summer Baker, Lexie-May Dixon, Eriya Byamugisha
Bronze reader award
Joshua Nwaokolo,Maisie Moss, Adebare Olugbodi
Silver reader award
Paris Godfrey, Lottie Eve, Charlie Porter, Adrian Arduino, Ellie Wise, Kara Middleton
Gold reader award
Blake Maddox, Simran Bashir

Fact Hunter
Lily Gray has demonstrated a thirst for knowledge this week by discovering and sharing amazing facts.

Happy Teacher
Leo Whiten and  Simran Bashir have been keeping a smile on their teachers faces for remembering to their three pupil jobs daily.

Tracker Awards
These children have been working hard and achieving academic success and therefore have earned themselves the following rewards.  
Bronze prestige certificate - Olivia Bartnik, Megan Robinson, Teddie Gabriel, Jessica Pollard, Chelsea Chu Goodman, Isla Saunders, Emily Sharpe, Adam Riaz, Chelsea Chu-Goodman,
Silver pencil - Ife Ogochukwu-Ijehor, Lilly Wells, Archie Baker
Silver certificates - Layla Millar, Adebare Olugbodi
Silver prestige certificate - Lilly Reynolds
Gold bookmark - Mia Gallagher
Platinum prize - Temiloa Omisore, Kayley Watson, Finley Livingstone, Alin Botong
Diamond prize - Ja’Shayla Cousins
Diamond certificate - Katlyn Mukandavire
Diamond prestige certificate - Fayo Ayodola
Star certificate - Ethan Himuyandi

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs L Nicholls


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