Monday 9 April 2018

Healthy Relationships Project 2018

Pupils from Broadford & Mead came together to benefit from a Healthy Relationships project.

The project aimed to equip our pupils with skills to engage in healthy relationships. It used a range of activities help pupils to recognise the signs of domestic violence and and coercive and controlling behaviour. As a consequence of the workshop sessions they would be better able to negotiate and communicate effectively, allowing them to respond appropriately.

The impact is improved self-agency and greater peer advocacy. This will influence positive behaviour and fosters a culture of zero tolerance to partner abuse.

We had to talk about the what we thought made a good relationship. Those feelings and ideas went inside our Relationship House. The things we didn't want (anger, violence, arguing) went outside the walls. 
Jacob - Year 5

During the workshop the pupils enjoyed a range of trust building games that helped to strengthen relationships across the two schools.

It was great to work with Mead pupils. Some of them are my friends anyway because we live in the same road. However I made lots of new friends through the project.
Jackie - Year 5.

At the end of the workshop the impact was:
  • 83% of the pupils said they were more confident about the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • 100% agreed that they had some strategies that would help them

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