Friday 13 April 2018

University of Broadford - Graduation

What is Broadford University
Broadford University is a 10 week programme that runs in the Spring term. The idea is to:
  • expose pupils to subjects and activities they would not normally experience
  • give them the chance to broaden their vocabulary with subject specific terms (meta language)
  • develop an idea to a greater depth - as there are 10 hours given to each course
  • allow pupils to work on a subject/course of their choosing
  • give pupils the chance to work with children beyond their Year Group
  • encourage pupils, at the earliest possible point,  to consider further education as a possible root to a future career
This year has been a huge success:
  • 100% (87% of pupils strongly) agree that they have enjoyed the courses
  • 73% agree that they would now consider a career linked to their course
I loved being part of the Broadford band. We've learnt how to play different instruments and how to read sheet music. At the start of it I didn't think I'd be able to perform in the finale, but it has shown me I can.
Joshua - Year 4

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