Friday 16 November 2018

Newsletter - Friday 16th November, 2018

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls 

Dear Parents and Carers,

Today has been a wonderful day in school. Pupils in year 2-6 have finished off anti bullying week with a theatre in education production production called ‘The B Word’. We have have had lots of fun throughout Children in Need day. Thank you to everyone who attended our afternoon tea and enjoyed the cakes and biscuits that the pupils made. We look forward to sharing the final amount that we have raised very soon. Thank you for all of your support.

Dairy Dates - Monday 19th - Friday 23rd November, 2018
Next week nursery staff are holding parents meetings to update parents on how the children are settling into nursery life.
On Monday morning Apple class are going shopping to Lidl to buy ingredients for their cookery master pieces. Year 4 continue with their Marry Poppins projects on Monday afternoon and year 6 boys continue with their outdoor pursuits course.
On Tuesday morning our school nurse, Cathy Forrester will be in school to meet with anyone who has concerns or questions. She will be at the school office from 8.30 am. Aspen class are going on their shopping trip to Lidl. In the afternoon some of our newly appointed school council representatives will meeting with other school council reps from our cluster schools.
On Wednesday pupils in Alder class are shopping at Lidl. In the afternoon we have our inter house netball competition. Year 2 spinebreakers are visiting Hilldene library to choose some reading materials for their peers.
On Thursday afternoon we have our annual pantomime from M&M productions which this year is Aladdin.
On Friday we have an opportunity for prospective parents to have a tour of the school.
What a week - Please look out for all stories on the blog!

Stay & Learn
We invite all parents & carers of pupils in the following year groups to join us for this half term stay & learn sessions.
Tuesday 20th November - year 2  focus mathematics @ 9.00 am
Thursday 22nd November - year 3 focus mathematics @ 9.00 am

If you would like to purchase a photograph of your child, the photographs are available to view online now.
Please visit the Carmel Jane website and make sure that you have your child’s unique access code to hand. There are a selection of wonderful packages on offer for you to choose from.

Author Visit
On Thursday we have a visit from the author Abie Longstaff. Abie , is an Australian-born British author of children's fiction known for The Fairytale Hairdresser picture book series, illustrated by Lauren Beard, as well as books for older children and educational books for schools. Pupils in year 1 & 2 will have a session with Abie during the day and there will be a book sale from 2.00pm. Books are priced at £5.99 and £6.99, there are a few different titles to choose from, Mrs Mcfarlane will advertise the book choices on the library blog. Abie will sign any books that are purchased.

House Competition
Our newly elected house captains have organised two house competitions for this term. The first is an art competition where pupils have the opportunity to produce a drawing, painting or poster describing ‘What Broadford means to me?’ The second competition is an inter house netball tournament which is taking place during the afternoon of Wednesday 21st November. Pupils can earn more house points for their teams and a house reward at the end of the term. Good luck everyone.

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 16th November is week 1 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.20. School meals are free to our KS1/EYFS pupils.

Weekly Attendance  
KS1:    97.2%    KS2: 94.19 Overall:  96%
Congratulations to Pine and Willow  who top the attendance table this week.  Well done to everyone for remembering that number one job of coming to school everyday on time. We have achieved our target of 96% this week!

E for Excellence Winners
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Molly- May

Certificate of Presentation
The following children have been recognised for the beautifully presented work in their books. They clearly take pride in all that they do and are doing their best in every lesson.
Fayo, Sydney, Eriya

Star Writers
These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.
Kaitlyn, Paige, Sienna, Aaliyah-Shae, Emily, Lexie-Mae, Kayden, Jessica, John, Faye, Zoe, Kabey, Asroosh, Elyakim, Elsie-Rose

Learning Power Awards
These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.
These children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective  ideas and methods from others.
Charlie I, Naleli, Charlie, Lorena, Rosie, Lucian
These pupils have planned carefully, revised ides, identified key features and can talk about their learning.
Charlie M, Matthew, James, Vavara, Thea-Rose, Deniz, Alex
These children have demonstrated perseverance, managed distractions, noticed patterns and been absorbed in their tasks.
Khaira, Adam, Zac, Bobby, Ava, Danny, Caydon, Kenzie, Megan, Raffy, Manuella
These pupils have been curious about learning, made links between ideas, shown imagination, reasoned methodically and capitalised on resources.
Bailey, Tyler, Jessica, Oliver, Bernardo, Aida

I have made my teacher happy
These children have kept their teachers smiling all week long.
Adebare, Tommy, Jessica, Dominik

Reading Awards
In recognition of the pupils’ ability to devour books, immerse themselves in stories and read relentlessly at home.
Sabeer, Kiera, Dora, Sophia, Carla, Riley, Adam, Amy, Freddie, Riley, Loju, Khalifa, Annabel, Grace, Lucas, Amber, Niamh, Jimmy
Bronze reader award
Leah, Ollie, Alice, Ife, Adrian, Aida, Elise
Silver reader award

Maths Challenge
These pupils have used their ability to think both mathematically and creatively to solve maths challenges.
Indianna, Ruby

Tracker Awards
These children have been working hard and achieving academic success and therefore have earned themselves the following rewards.  
Bronze certificate - Frankie, Christian, Kevin, Lewie, Rubie-Rae, Chloe (prestige), Thomas, Luke,
Silver pencil - Naz, Rayne, Fiki, Chidubem
Silver certificate - Chidubem, Ethan,
Golden bookmark - Keira
Golden certificate -  Keira, Charlie
Platinum prize - Ellie
Platinum certificate- Laura, Shajia
Diamond prize -  Ameerah
Diamond certificate - Billy
Star prize - John

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs L Nicholls


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