Sunday 18 November 2018

Word Mania - Finalists!

Over the past few weeks our pupils have been taking part in a global literacy competition which has been shown to improve the variety of skills involved - including phonics, spelling, vocabulary and word knowledge - on average by 36%

Word mania is a race against the clock to build as many words as possible in three minutes. Pupils have to drag letters onto the word board to make words, swap letters to build more words quickly. Multipliers, Gold and Diamond tiles add a whole new level of fun!

The pupils have developed their skills, beat their best scores and have made it through to the final round. This week the children will be battling it out in the final of 'Word Mania' with other schools around the world. At present years 3-6 have placed in the top 10 schools in London. Keep up the great work and let's see if we can reach world domination!!!

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