Friday 21 June 2019

Weekly Newsletter - Friday 21st June 2019

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Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls

Weekly Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,

Well Done
A huge congratulations to Mr Portway, Miss Evans and all of the pupils who took part in the Primary sports day at Drapers’ Academy on Monday. We are thrilled and extremely proud to announce that Broadford Primary came third overall. It was a wonderful day enjoyed by all.
The KS2 choir performed at the Queen’s Theatre on Wednesday night as part of the havering Junior Music Festival and produced a fabulous performance.  Well done Team Broadford!

Dairy Dates - Monday 24th - Friday 28th June
On Monday the Paddington Bear and Christopher Robin book clubs are watching the films. Year 5 boys continue to step up with their outdoor pursuits sessions. Birch class continue with their swimming lessons. Year 5&6 pupils are visiting Mead for a talk from two local successful businessmen on how their can use their skills to ensure they get to where they would like to be.
Lots of our year 6 pupils are visiting their new secondary schools over the next few weeks and they are also going to visit MOD pizza in Romford to make and enjoy delicious pizzas. In the afternoon year 2 pupils are taking part in the Infant music festival with other year 2 pupils from the other local schools. Music lessons continue in the afternoon.
Reception pupils are going to visit Weald Country Park on Wednesday. and year 6 are taking part in the junior citizen event.
we invite all parents into school on Thursday morning to join us for the SEN coffee morning from 9.00 am. On Thursday the remaining year 6 pupils are visiting MOD pizza and music lessons continue.
On Friday the music student are having their catch up lesson after missing out on polling day.

The LFPA are hosting their summer fete on Friday 5th July if you or you know of anyone who would like to run a stall please click on the link below to register your interest.

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 24th June  is week 2 on the Havering catering services menu. All meals are served with unlimited salad and vegetables and cost £2.20.

Weekly Attendance  
KS1:  94.1%        KS2: 95% Overall:  95%
Congratulations to Alder and Maple who top the attendance table this week.  

E for Excellence Winners
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.

Certificate of Presentation
The following children have been recognised for the beautifully presented work in their books. They clearly take pride in all that they do and are doing their best in every lesson. .
Kaden, Freddie, Lucian, Alexandru, Kiera, Sam, Adam

Star Writers
These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.
Samuel, Riley, Godswill, Jason, Netany, Kyla, Violet, Amber, Daniel, Khalifa, Ethan, Vlad, Ife, Max, Ellie, Rajaab, Awwal, David

Learning Power Awards
These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.
These children have shown interdependence, collaborated effectively, listened to others, displayed empathy and have imitated effective  ideas and methods from others.
Megan, Tilly, Nela, Lacey, Dora, Adam

These pupils have planned carefully, revised ides, identified key features and can talk about their learning.
Joshua, Aimee, Zac, Lili,

These children have demonstrated perseverance, managed distractions, noticed patterns and been absorbed in their tasks. Maliat, Kaley, Oliwer, Indie, Ollie, Bayleigh, Emma, Adebare, Olivia Samira,

These pupils have been curious about learning, made links between ideas, shown imagination, reasoned methodically and capitalised on resources.
Fayo, Oliver, Hayden, Nikola, Sofia, Ananaya

Teacher Happy
Frankie has made sure that his teacher is smiling all week long. Olivia, Ella and Bonnie have all made their teacher happy.
Ralph, Bernardo, Fabian, Jaydon, Naleli

Learning Challenge
These children have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge work. Annabel, Grace, Adrian, Iniya,

Reading Awards
In recognition of the pupils’ ability to devour books, immerse themselves in stories and read relentlessly at home.
Bronze reader award
Richie, Amelia, Charlie, Niara, Courtney, Lilly, David, Indiana, Abdulmalik, Ruby, Thabang, Chloe, Saarah, Tiffany, Harry, Jessica

Silver reader award
Lilly, Nikola

Gold reader award
Hannah, Lottie, Billie, Peter, Lucas, Asher,

Platinum reader award
Louie, Madalina, Adrian,

Tracker Awards
These children have been working hard and achieving academic success and therefore have earned themselves the following rewards.  
Bronze certificate - Livi (prestige), Charlie (prestige), Kharia (prestige), Megan (double prestige)
Silver pencil -  Isaac, Adam
Silver certificate - Nicholas, Cherry, Alice (prestige), Gracee-May (prestige)
Golden bookmark - Paul, Ruby, Faizah, Caden   
Golden certificate - Miley, Ceejay, Kevin, Tommy, Harvy, Lexie-Mae, Evie (prestige), Maisie (prestige)
Platinum prize - Lilly, Abdulmalik, Charlie, Thabang, Chidubem
Platinum certificate - Lilly, Danny, Keira, Nathan
Diamond prize - Aarna, Victoria, Paige (prestige)
Diamond certificate - Aaliyah, Amelia B, Hannah
Star prize - Laura
Star certificate - Ruby-May, Alfie, Ketty (prestige)     

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs L Nicholls

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