Thursday 24 October 2019

New Build - The Charlton Building

On Wednesday 9th October we officially opened the new building with the help of the Mayor of Havering and other guests. Read the story in the newspaper here.

During the opening assembly year 6 pupils shared their memories of the old building being cold, damp and dilapidated during their first year of school in the Nursery. These children are now in year 6 and are enjoying learning in the top floor classrooms with large, bright windows, which offer great views and modern technology to enhance their learning experiences. The children stated that they wanted to remember and commemorate the past in the next chapter at Broadford and have named the building ‘The Charlton Building’. This was chosen to remember the very first Headteacher of the junior school Miss Charlton. 

The other building will now be known as 'The Sorrell Building'. Miss Sorrell was the first Headteacher of Broadford Infant School. 

We all had a great day celebrating our new school, and we intend to continue developing our school site as this academic year develops. Keep your eyes peeled! 

All pupils celebrated the occasion with a Broadford cupcake! 

You can watch the development of the building here.

Or you can see if from above here. 

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