Thursday 17 October 2019

Parent Governor Elections

We are always very fortunate to receive such wonderful support from our parent community and we were overwhelmed to receive three nominations for our current parent governor vacancy on the governing body.

In alphabetical order, Mrs Paul, Mrs Skipp and Ms White have all been nominated and seconded for the position by members of the Broadford parental community.

I invite you all to read their letters of nominations and then cast your vote for your preferred candidate via the link at the bottom of the blog post. Please ensure that you have cast your vote by Wednesday 23rd October. If you are unable to vote using the online system you are more than welcome to come into the office and cast your vote. Ask Mrs Taylor for a voting slip.

Mrs Niti Paul 

Mrs Helen Skipp
I, Lacey Darcy would like to nominate Helen Skipp for the position of parent governor. I believe she would be an ideal choice because of her knowledge around SEN law/school policies and procedures. Supporting special needs children being her special interest. As she works in a school she’s also fully aware of the challenges schools face to fund, manage behaviour, safeguard and educate our children. She will be a reliable and committed choice.

Yours sincerely,
Lacey Darcy

I would like to second Lacey Whybrow’s nomination for Helen Skipp as parent governor.
Rachael Baker

Ms Natasha White 
Dear Mrs Nicholls,

RE: Natasha White for the Parent Governor Position
I am writing in relation to the candidate Natasha White for the Parent Governor Position at Broadford Primary School.
Natasha has been a dedicated parent within the school since her son started Broadford in 2016. She has a genuine passion for ensuring children are well cared for and has shown that her priority is to give the best not only to her child but to any child that comes into contact with her.
Natasha has been a Manager of a soft play centre and of an after-school club so has plenty of experience of looking after children and what this entails. She has been a consistent volunteer at the school for just shy of a year. Her involvement includes helping children read, complete activities, help with administration, going on school trips and marking work. Natasha’s continuous participation with the school means that she knows the schools values and ethos well and I have no doubt that she will always keep these in the fore front of her mind to ensure the school continues to be the best it can be.
I have frequently seen Natasha interact with the children including my own son when she helped me with childcare. She knew how to instantly cheer him up and connect with him when he was feeling sad. With this in mind I am confident that with any decision being made regarding the school she will always have the best interests of the children and the school.

Many Kind Regards
Mrs Gemma Eldridge-Carruth

Dear Mrs Nicholls
RE: Position of parent governor at Broadford Primary School
I would like to nominate Miss Natasha White for the position of parent governor at Broadford Primary School in the upcoming election.
I have known Natasha since her son joined the school in 2016 and I truly believe that she is an ideal candidate for the position.
Before giving up her career to become a full time mother Natasha was a manager of a soft play centre in Basildon. She is still highly admired by her former staff and keeps in touch with what is going on there now. Years of managing a centre which provided children with a safe environment to play while letting off steam gave her a great insight into varied characteristics of children and parents over the years.
The role of a manager lends itself nicely into skills she will need as a governor which include working directly with people as part of a team while being responsible to carry out tasks on her own. She is used to being held accountable for decision making, planning, managing people, organizing activities and setting budgets.
For nearly a year now she has been volunteering at the school as a teaching assistant where she has been supporting children with their reading and course work. Marking work, filing and copying documents for the teacher and helping on school trips. As a mother of two boys in the school, one in KS1 and the other in KS2 she has firsthand knowledge of the way the school runs and the staff she has had contact with. Over the last 3 years Natasha has attended parent council meeting, nativities, firework displays, summer fairs, school trips and parent play and stay sessions. I have seen firsthand how she interacts with many of the children and has a great grasp of how to connect adults and children alike. My child has bloomed having Natasha in her life when I have struggled, she has a knack of nurturing the best out of her when I have not seen a way forward. I know that all of the children would benefit from having a parent like her looking out for them too.
I am sure Natasha will have the best interests of the school, children and parents in mind when carrying out the duties of governor. She will be approachable and dependable while ensuring that the ethos, vision and strategic direction of the school is maintained while striving to make Broadford primary school the best it can be for all of our children.
Yours sincerely
Miss Anne-Marie Heron

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