Thursday 5 December 2013

Bronze, Silver & Gold Tracker Awards:

Reece Wager has stuck the last merit onto his Bronze Tracker. Sophie Prior, Jack Ilott and Candice Blackwell have earned their Silver pencil.

Congratulations to Emma Bloy, Alfie Donnelly, Conor Borrell, Suzi Forcagz, Olamide Otegbola Alfie McKatherine, Drew Burkett & Saffron Lubin who have completed their Silver Trackers. Prince Onwuegbuzie, Simona Raklevicius Melisa Krasniqi & Harry Vincent have managed to collect their Golden bookmark. 

Meanwhile, Prince Onwuegbuzie, Natalie Towner & Melisa Krasniqi have also collected enough merits to finish their Golden tracker.

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