Sunday 15 December 2013

Next Week News:

Choir Performances:
This week your children have gone out into the community to sing at a number of Christmas lunches. The pensioners have been delighted with the singing and that the children would want to take their time to go and see them. It make their day even more special. Please look at the videos on line as your children are doing you proud. Next week we are the Salvation Army, Briar Road Group and the YMCA. The children will really have earned a rest by December 20th!

Carol Concert: Thursday 19th December @ 2.15pm
Only the children from the KS2 & KS1 choir will be singing. No other children will be in the hall – as it would be too crowded. However all parents, relatives and friends are welcome… BUT YOU MUST SING ALONG!

End of Term Date: Friday 20th December
Sadly the attendance has seen a real slump over the last couple of weeks. All children are expected to attend for every day of the school term. Last year some pupils were not in school for the last few days. Every session is important. Job number one for the pupils is to turn up every day!


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