Friday 6 December 2013

Havering Policing Request

Dear all,

We are looking for volunteers for our Stop & Search Monitoring Group. This group is designed to provide local communities with a voice into their local police with regard to stop and search and to help the police meet their obligations under law to allow public scrutiny of this important issue.

The group meets quarterly and looks at overall stop & search performance any apparent unfairness in the way it is used and holds police to account with regard to any breaches of policy and practices. The intention of this is to improve public understanding of Stop & Search and increase public confidence in its use as a tactic.

The group is not exclusive and needs to reflect the local community / population to ensure a fair voice for all. Members do not have to of had any direct contact/experience of stop and search but ideally they should be able to contribute to effective dialogue and debate on the issue and promote the aims of the group to the wider community. Members of other forums or groups on the Borough are therefore welcome, in particular those who can provide a voice for members of the youth and minority communities.

Meetings are normally on a Thursday evening, at 6.30pm at Romford Police Station, however this depends on the needs of the members and can be changed. We are also looking at taking this meeting into the community so if you have a venue that you are willing to let the group use then we would welcome any suggestions.

Please contact me if you can assist with this group in any way and feel free to forward this e-mail to any of your community contacts.

Martin Allen
Inspector | SLT Support | Havering (KD)

(Tel: 759167 (Int.) - 01708 779167 (Ext.)
Fax: 759147 (Int.) - 01708 779147 (Ext.)

Address: Romford Police Station, 19 Main Road, Romford, Essex. RM1 3BJ

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