Monday 23 December 2013

Fact Hunters: Football & Cats

Terrika Wright 
Incredibly the eggs of the Desert Shrimp can remain dormant for a season or for hundreds if not millions of years, surviving temperatures of over 124 degrees F and below zero. The eggs are strewn with the wind and will hatch only after a certain amount of water pressure is present thus ensuring a new generation lives on.

George White
Amazingly the roof of the Stade de France (the French national stadium) has tinted glass in the center which reduces the contrast and distributes natural light. It filters out red and infrared radiation, but allows blue and green lights, as they are needed to keep the turf healthy.

Louisa Makolli & Emma Groom
Spare a thought for wild cats. They hunt alone and predation is time-consuming; a cat in the wild needs to spend 6-8 hours a day hunting to meet its nutritional needs

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