Monday 30 December 2013

Reading Awards & Prizes

Super Readers:
Emma Groom, Jude Gore, Terrika Wright, Attim Nombeko, Ruby Burchell, Lucy Stevens, Candice Blackwell & Sophie Adams have managed to earn their Bronze reading certificate (10 Books); while Emily Johnson, Terrika Wright and Alisha March have now earned their bookmark (25 books). Teddy Pilcher – who is one of our Spinebreakers – Prince Onwuegbuzie, and Finley Livingstone have managed to amass 50 books already. They truly are reading machines!

Returning Books Raffle:
One of the hardest thing with library books is remembering to bring them back so that you can borrow another one. All of our KS1 pupils were entered in a raffle again for this half term. These children were drawn out and have won a book of their very own for their efforts: Emily Claydon, Laiba Shah, Michael Rack & Ayomide Otegbola. Well done to you.

Don’t forget… return your library books!

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