Monday 7 April 2014

Maths Challenge Workshop - KS2

Problem solving is a large component of our maths curriculum. To provide the children with a chance to apply and develop their skills further, we asked the  Problem Solving Company to run workshops for each class.

They provide mathematical challenges that aid pupils to undertake activities confidently and enthusiastically. The maths challenge workshops featured activities using from shape, space and measurement to number and sequencing. Without a doubt our pupils were engaged had a lot of fun fun, which is the key to encouraging them to explore and investigate maths with more confidence.

"I loved the Tower of Hanoi game. We started off without really thinking about the order of the pieces. Quickly we realised we had made a mistake. After thinking about it as a team we improved our tactics. We finished the activity in 15 moves... but then the leader challenged us to get it done in less than 10!" Emma Groom - Year 5

Activities that the children tackled included: giant tangrams (to enhance spacial awareness), electronic mazes (to improve coordinates and positioning) to lego puzzles and number sequences.

All of the problem solving activities encouraged team work and communication. In the Year 4 challenge, the children had to go up to a box (one at a time) remember the arrangement of lego pieces and then try to reassemble their blocks to match those in the box. 

"It was hard to remember it all by myself. We had to talk to each other about what we'd seen. That allowed us to get the model completed correctly" Zaima - Year 4

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