Thursday 10 April 2014

Tesco Visit Year 1

Tesco have recently launched a new project Farm to Fork. It is designed to help children learn more about what goes into their food, to inspire and encourage them to get cooking. Have a look at their website, where they feature recipes for children aged 4-11 to give them hands-on experience of how to prepare and cook meals from scratch. 

Plus, there are helpful activities that will excite children and spark interest in learning all about food from an educational perspective.

Last week the Tesco representative came in to speak to the Year 1 children about how their fruit and vegetables get from the farm to the store. Our children got to taste a variety of foods (see the image below). Year 2 had the opportunity to visit the Tesco store at Gallows Corner the week before. They saw how the bread was baked on site and how lorries are unloaded. 

"The best bit was going into the freezer... it was huge and very cold" Ella - Cherry Class

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