Monday 7 April 2014

Star Readers:

Sophie Hann, Luis Bone, Holly Maskell, Reece Wager, Keeley Vann, Bailey Nash, Harry Hann and Jimmy Taylor have managed to earn their Bronze certificates. Sophie Hann, Ella Nash, Charlie Green, George White, Jessica Chilvers, Evie Cottam, Jaydon Holloway, Conner Holloway, Tommy Watson & Endurance Obazee have earned their bookmarks. Ben Green, FT Akinwunmijy and Emily Claydon have reached the heights of their Silver award (a certificate and £5 voucher).

Jaseem Miah, Sophie Porter, James Wise, Paige Mcgeoghan and Kieran Dansey have managed to get to the Golden certificate, which earns them a Golden reading trophy. What a fantastic effort! It is so great to hear how much the children enjoy reading in their spare time.

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