Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Shine On Saturday Project 2016

A huge thank you to Bancrofts Independent School who once again invited some of our More Able pupils to attend their Shine on Saturdays project.

The 10 week event is held each Saturday for 3 hours and allows our pupils to be immersed in a rich learning environment. In the sessions they benefit from being with other More Able pupils from schools across North and East London. They have access to fantastic facilities that we are unable to provide: science labs, photography studios, music rooms and kitchens.

This week they were able to welcome their families to come and share in the learning that they had been experiencing and show them some of the projects which they had completed!

Showing my parents around the school was great. It is just like Hogwarts with the chapel and courtyard. I felt so proud that I got to come here for 10 weeks

One of my favourite activities was the photography project. We had to explore the grounds of the school, take lots of pictures and then learn how to edit and improve them. 

In the Science labs we got to create our own DNA necklace. First we took swabs from our mouths and then analyzed it. In another lesson we also had the chance to create a volcano using yeast. It has been great fun.

Who funds the projects?
Since August 2000, SHINE has invested more than £24.5 million in projects helping more than 280,000 children from 5,000 schools. Each year we give over £2 million in grants to programmes that provide extra educational support to broaden children’s opportunities.

Why do we take part?
“Many of our pupils may be very able, but they can suffer from a lack of aspirations. They may not have family members who have professional careers, or who have attended University. This project has helped to ensure that families can look to the future with a greater sense of purpose and consider different possibilities for secondary school - maybe the 11+ or possibly applying for a scholarship. Certainly it means the pupils are more likely to take STEM subjects in the future."
Malcolm Drakes - Executive Headteacher

100% of pupils agreed it had given them a positive experience of STEM subjects
100% of parents agreed it had raised their awareness of their child's potential

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