Tuesday, 10 January 2017

University of Broadford - Broadford Bake Off

Broadford Bake Off

Ambitious Aims

Broadford Bake Off is just for children. Aspiring little chefs will not only indulge their sweet tooth, but will learn how to bake and create from scratch a variety of different sweet delights. With some help, the children will put together some classic desserts as well as learning how to make Sweet Cupcakes, Royal Scones, A Jungle Delight and A Rocky Road. Each week the children will learn how to create a different dessert, each dessert will require a different skill and by the end of the course the children will have gained a variety of skills they can then use at home.

Amazing Activities

·        Introduction/ The Art of Decorating
·        Fruity Chocolate Fountain
·        Sticky Oaty Surprise
·        Jam Tarts
·        Sweet Tooth Cupcakes
·        Cookie Monster Cookies
·        Plait Perfection
·        Royal Scones
·        Jungle Delight

Fantastic Finale

Rocky Road

The finale, a dessert that no one can refuse. A mixture of marshmallows, mars bar, malteasers, chocolate, cherries and much more. This final dessert will allow the children to show all the skills they have learnt throughout the course.

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