Friday 3 March 2017

Competition: Design the new WoW badge!

The new theme for Walk on Wednesday is 'Walk the Americas' and pupils have been asked to design the new badge which will eventually be distributed to all the pupils in all the schools that take part in WOW. 

Drawings could include:
- Animals (e.g. Alaskan brown bear; Peruvian llama)
- Manmade landmarks (e.g. Macchu Picchu; Empire State Building)
- Culture e.g. Music and food (maple syrup, tango dancing)

The Broadford winners will be selected by the new JTAs and will be sent off to be judged against the 120,000 national entries. There will be 11 overall winners and the designs will be made into 400,000 badges and they will receive a WOW trophy and goody bag along with a year's supply of WOW resources for their school! 

The entry forms will be given out this week to pupils in classes from Reception to Year 6 and the deadline is Friday 10th March. We can't wait to see all the entries! 

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