Tuesday 28 March 2017

University of Broadford Graduation Ceremony No 1

Monday 27th March saw the first students from the class of 2017 graduate from the University of Broadford. 

With the thrill of having an audience before them, the Scintillating Circus Skill graduates opted to show off their juggling skills and their diabolo skills in a fun and impressive way which absolutely dazzled their parents and peers. They even taught Mrs Nicholls and Ms Wise a few skills!

Broadford Paralympians described how they have welcomed new challenges and collaborated with each other to accomplish great things. We also watched some fantastic clips of them in action!

Over the 10 weeks, the I’m a Pupils get me out of here! students have been completing team challenges, using their learning powers of resourcefulness, reciprocity, resilience and reflectiveness. We found out during the graduation that Team Kirk has earned the most points and took home the trophy!

Players choose their first opponents in the Chess tournament. The loser of each game was eliminated. Players continued to protect and capture using the special moves they had learned, until one chess player was left standing. Kaine Painter was crowned the ultimate chess champion. Well done Kaine!

The Broadford Bakeoff finale was a dessert that no one could refuse. A mixture of marshmallows, mars bar, malteasers, chocolate, cherries and much more. This Rocky Road treat allowed the bakers to show off all the skills they have learnt throughout the course. And it was absolutely delicious! 

Congratulations to all of the graduates! 

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