Friday 8 September 2017

Changes to the School Day

Thank you to all parents for their co-operation and support this week in regards to changes to the school day. Lunchtimes have run very smoothly and the pupils have adjusted to the new routines and systems perfectly. We are aware that at the end of the day the school grounds become very congested. This is due to the fact that the after school clubs are not running at the moment and the increased pupils numbers in year 1 this year.  I am sure you will appreciate that we want to ensure that  all pupils are dismissed from school safely at 3.00 pm. To this end can I remind all parents/carers of end of day arrangements. Please enter the school grounds via the KS1 door and make your way to your child’s classroom and teachers will dismiss the children from the classrooms. All pupils and adults must continue to follow the one way system and exit through the side door. We are looking at alternative ways to manage this time of day, unfortunately as we are waiting for building work to start we cannot use the gates in the playground which we have in the past. During this time we must be considerate to each other as the safety of all pupils is paramount.  Your help and support in this matter is greatly appreciated.

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