Friday 8 September 2017

Welcome Back

It has been great to see all the children back from the summer break this week. All pupils have returned with enthusiasm and are purposeful about the start of the new school year.

I am looking forward to another amazing year, although I am not quite sure where we go from being crowned ‘School of the year’. I know you all agree with me that it is a privilege to be part of the Broadford community and I am sure that you share my optimism for Broadford’s bright future.

I want us all to be confident that Broadford is going to move on, grow and become even better. I cherish and celebrate Broadford’s unique vision and values. Together we have built a community that is unlike many other schools and I am certain that we are going to stay true to that—it is in our DNA. We are going to continue to provide your children with the best education that we possibly can and delight them with the all of the opportunities available to them.

The incredible support from yourselves has been inspiring. I am confident our best years lie ahead of us and that together we will continue to drive forward to sustain Broadford as a magical place for your children to come to everyday.

Your continuous support and commitment is as always very much appreciated.

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