Wednesday 13 December 2017

Bancrofts Showcase

Year 5 pupils performed a showcase for parents this morning as a finale to the Saturday Challenge provided by Bancrofts School.

A trip to a German vet, the opening prologue to Romeo & Juliet and some energetic dancing: it was quite a varied and action packed show.

I really enjoyed the cooking. In their kitchen, we had a bread making lesson. We were able to season the rolls with herbs and cheese... they were delicious

Under the watchful eye of the Bancrofts catering team, our pupils got to make their own bread dough. After a demonstration they had to prepare their own ingredients and see how closely their rolls matched the Chef's! Pupils also took home a recipe card so that they could have a go with their own families.

In the laboratory, the pupils had the chance to learn the science behind cooking and why it is important to wash your hands before you handle and prepare food.

Pupils also made butter from milk, using vigorous shaking, and extracted the iron found in cereals.

New Challenges
Over the 10 weeks the pupils have completed a wide range of challenging and new topics: philosophy, outdoor survival, foreign languages and classics. The impact has been a raising of aspirations and improved self confidence with the pupils.

100% agreed they had tried a new subject
100% agreed that they had felt challenged by the work and activities 
100% agreed that it has improved their performance in school
65% now state that they would consider applying for a scholarship or attempting the entrance exam.

Thank you to Bancrofts for funding the programme. Without their staff and offer this wouldn’t be possible. We are also very grateful for the provision of the coach by Drapers Brookside. 

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