Friday 8 December 2017

Newsletter - Friday 8th December, 2017

Headteacher: Mrs L Nicholls

Dear Parents and Carers,

Reception Admissions September 2018
If your child is looking to join our school in Reception 2018, it is vital that you get your application completed by 15th January 2018 or it is likely you miss out. Last year we had over 190 applications for just 90 places. Even with the extra class, we have more expressions of interest than we have places – YOU MUST APPLY! Attending our Nursery will have no impact on your application. Many parents mistakenly believe that a place in the Nursery = a place in Reception… it doesn’t!

LFPA Christmas Fayre
Our LFPA Christmas Fayre is taking place tomorrow, Saturday 9th December between 11;00 and 15;00 at Mead Primary School. There will be a variety of stalls and refreshments! We will have a raffle with some amazing prizes and, of course, we will have one very special visitor for the children to see-Father Christmas. Please come along and support our schools as all proceeds will help us ensure we are able to continue offering wonderful experiences for our children.

Diary Dates
On Monday 11th, in the afternoon, Maple are class are going to Romford for the unveiling of Emily’s bauble in the shopping centre.
On Tuesday 12th the school choir are going to spread Christmas cheer and are singing at Cole court and Rowan spinebreakers are visiting Hilldene library.
On Wednesday 13th, there are LAMDA lessons as usual.
The choir are singing in the community on Wednesday and Friday afternoon.
All of the Christmas dates are listed below.

One of the busiest months of the year so please see below for all of the events that are going on throughout the month.
Friday 8th December
Nursery, Reception & Year 1 - Christmas stories
Saturday 9th December
LFPA Christmas Fayre @ Mead Primary School - 11 am - 3 pm
Monday 11th December
KS1 Christmas Concert - 9.15 am & 2.15 pm
Tuesday 12th December
EYFS Christmas Concert - 9.15 am & 2.15 pm
Pine class visiting St Andrew’s Church
Wednesday 13th December
Christmas Dinner
Thursday 14th December
Mulberry class visiting St Andrew’s Church
Year 3,5&6 Christmas Concert - year 5 parents - 2.00pm
Friday 15th December
Christmas Jumper Day
Rowan class visiting St Andrew’s Church
Year 3,5&6 Christmas Concert - year 3 parents - 2.00pm
Monday 18th December
KS1 Cinema visit
Year 3,5&6 Christmas Concert - year 6 parents - 2.00pm
Year 4 Christmas Concert @ St George’s Church in Hilldene - 5.00 - 6.00pm
Tuesday 19th December
Year 4 - Panto @ Queen’s Theatre
All year groups - Christmas parties, pm
Wednesday 20th December
Last day of the autumn term

Christmas Dinner – Wednesday 13th  December 2015
If your child would like to have a Christmas Dinner please ensure that you have topped up your sQuid account before Wednesday 13th December.  Christmas lunch for the pupils costs £2.20 ( if applicable).

Festive Jumper: Friday 15th December
Please wear normal school uniform, but swap the school sweater for a festive jumper. We will be collecting donations after our Christmas concerts next week and we will make a donation towards Save the Children from these donations. Therefore, there will be no need to send in extra money for Christmas jumper day. Thank you.

Final Day of Term: Wednesday 20th December
We finish school at 3.00pm on Wednesday 20th. School opens again on the 2nd January – Breakfast Club at 7.45am – with the doors opening at 8.30am.

Havering Catering Services
Week beginning Monday 11th December is week 1 Havering Catering Services menu. A school meal costs £2.20 and is served with unlimited salad and vegetables.

Weekly Attendance:  
KS1: -    Mulberry 96.%      KS2:  Redwood 98.28% Overall:  94.4%
Congratulations to Mulberry and Redwood who top the attendance table this week.  

E for Excellence Winners:
These wonderful children have demonstrated excellence this week.
Aimee Doidge
Ruby-May White
Mimi Witcher
Elinga Garbaliauskaite
Abdulmalik Kaka
Ranita Ariyibi
Charlie Tyrrell
Jessica Diaz
Oliver Purdue
Fabian Cacaj
Kyla Millar
Archie Patrick-Stuart
Sophie Houlston
Austin Hall
Certificate of Presentation:
The following children have presented their work beautifully and take pride in all that they do in their books.
Lelethu Nombeko, Charlie Marshall, Leo Whiten, Brooke Atkinson, Florence Ayres, Ella Nash, Oliver Hall, Maisy Cohen

Star Writers:
These children have been awarded a star writer certificate and golden pencil in recognition of their excellent writing, use of powerful vocabulary and sophisticated writing  techniques.
Brandon Cohen, Maisie Moss, Andrew Mihai-Stoian, Samira Rahman, Mia Borisova, Jersey Callcut-Hannaford, Leanne Royer, Aleena Satti, Lacey Wall, Thomas Royer, Melisa Uluer, Riley Lamb, Jameel Ore, Michael Sloan

Learning Power Awards:
These are the key skills that our children will need to learn effectively in class and to be successful later in life.
These children have demonstrated effective reciprocity this week – able to listen carefully, work collaboratively and take turns. Rashida Sillah, Megan Lewis, Aaliyah Yasrin, Giada Vargas, Hamza Raza, Neo Chambers, Ellie-Mae Wager, Lewis Davis

These children have shown that they can manage distraction, notice patterns and become absorbed in their tasks – well done for your Resilience certificate:
Conor Borrell, Georgie Crane, Ketty Omwanghe, Ronnie Gayle, Finley Redmond, Charlie Dash, Isabelle Curtis-Rich, Paris Godfrey, Carla Botten, Matthew Munjere

These children have managed to show that they can plan and revise ideas to earn their Reflectiveness certificate.
Tony Marshall, Maliat  Bakreen, Evie Cottam, Javy Needroo, Olivia Wheal, Sacha Raif

Being able to show that you can make links between ideas and showing imagination demonstrates resourcefulness. These pupils have been awarded their resourcefulness certificate this week:
Grace-May Coble, Conner Holloway, Gabriela Zaikauskaite, Iniya Boothiraj, Alin Botonog, Ellis Drummond, David Mestre,

Learning Challenge
These children have been working hard at home and extending their knowledge through their learning challenge work.
David Basilio

Reading Awards
In recognition of the pupils’ ability to devour books, immerse themselves in stories and read relentlessly at home.
Betty -Rose Nichols, Taylor Cohen
Bronze reader award
Thomas Gray, Tele Onabajo, John Owers, Isaac Gimour-Woodstock, Lucas Kalmakrian, Lottie Eve, Lukas Smirnvas
Silver reader award
Ife Ogochukwu-Ijehor
Free Reader: Tegan Sage, Caitlin Bowden, Abbie Day, Brandon Cohen, Rhianna Morton, Alfie Donnelly

Maths Challenge
These pupils have used their ability to think both mathematically and creatively to solve maths challenges.
Lelethu Nombeko, Lily O’Leary and Katlyn Mukandavire.

Happy Teacher
These children have kept their teachers smiling this week.
Aaliyah Yasrin, Alfie Bloy

Tracker Awards
These children have been working hard and achieving academic success and therefore have earned themselves the following rewards.  
Bronze certificate - Ella Hemsworth, Ruby Welch, Abdulmalik Kaka, Thomas Gray, Kezia Wright, Iyinope Ariyibi, Amy Cullum, Ruby-Rose Palfreman,
Bronze prestige certificate - Aimee Borrell, Amandeep Ubhi, Jessica Butler, Connor Peppitt
Silver certificate - Lily Gray
Silver prestige certificate - Charlie Marshall, Alisha March, Jack Peppitt
Golden bookmark - David White, Abena Pim-Wusu
Gold certificate - Summer Baker, Davide White, Emmanuel Atuahene, Gavin Butler
Platinum prize - Kaitlin Smethurst, Armani Peek, Bonnie Martin,Simran Bashir, Melisa Uluer, Maddison Asling
Platinum certificate - Archie Patrick-Stuart,Tegan Sage, Diya Patel, Bayeigh Parsons, Nela Urban
Platinum prestige certificate - Fayo Ayodola
Diamond prize - Rashid Sillah, Lewis Davis, Kaitlyn Mukandavire
Diamond certificate - Ollie Dodge, James Olatunji
Star prize - Ranita Ariyibi, Charlie Green,
Star certificate - Nikola Urban, Ketty Omwanghe, Charlie Green, Elina Joshi

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs L Nicholls


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