Wednesday 20 December 2017

Fabric Artwork

The Art Club have been mixing types of craft and art to create their very own fusion pictures. To begin with the pupils made their very own loom. They then used wool to weave the shape of the person who would be the focus of their painting.

Once the person was complete, the pupils had to use perspective to create their backdrops: mountain sides, football stadiums and lakes.

This project involved the pupils developing their skills in several different areas: watercolours, sketching, perspective and craft. When the pictures were completed they were then challenged to go back and add additional details - hats, boots googles.
Mrs Caccavale 

The varied nature of the project - and the time it took to complete the pieces - meant that the children had to use their resilience muscle!

I enjoyed the project, but I had to really concentrate... weaving is complicated. At the start it didn't feel like we were making much progress. However the ideas all came together at the end. When we were in the sessions the time went so quickly - there was so much to do.

My weaving kept getting into knots. However Mrs Caccavale showed us what to do. By copying her I was able to complete my character.
Emily R

We are certainly delighted with the artwork and it has taken pride of place in our gallery!

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