Tuesday 19 December 2017

Y4 @ St George’s Church

Our Year 4 pupils put on a great version of the WOW story of Christmas at St George’s Church last night.

Inspired by the tale of the nativity our pupils created art, wrote poetry, danced, sang and combined together to create a magical Christmas experience. 

Performing in the Church setting made the whole event really special. Of course the pupils knew all the key details of the story, but this has helped them to look at the Nativity in a new way.
R Daly - Year 4 Leader

Parents, staff, friends and family all attended to support the pupils and enjoy the performance. This milestone is part of the Spiritual entitlement for all KS2 pupils. Facilitated by Rev Rich and Rev Shaun the event has now been running for four years.

Each year the pupils put their own spin on the experience - different artwork and very creative music. 
Rev Rich

Have a great Christmas! 

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