Tuesday 16 July 2019

Cancer Research Race for Life - 3 days to go!

Just 3 days to go till Broadford pupils Race for Life in support of Cancer Research UK.

Any sponsorship money raised is helping Cancer Research is fighting over 200 cancers.

£8 - Buys medicine that keeps cells healthy in the lab. The cells are needed for important for important experiments to help beat cancer.

£5 - Buys chemicals for a lab. These are the basics ingredients for experiments.

£10 - Buys a new bulb for our microscopes. This means scientists can zoom in to see what is happening inside tiny cells.

£20 - Covers the cost of running cancer chat for 1 hour. This helps people affected by cancer by providing support and information.

£43 - Buys special 'chemical scissors' that chop up DNA.

£110 - covers the cost of the trial for a day, to find better treatments for children with neuroblastoma.

£250 - Buys antibodies that light up different bits of a cell. This helps our scientists to see what is happening inside.

£1,000 - Buys all the kit a new superhero scientist needs to start their cancer fighting training.

If child in our school gets sponsored just £1 each, imagine the impact we would have in the fight against cancer!

We will be racing for life on Thursday 18th July. Throughout the day children complete the 1 - 1.5km course on the school with their classmates and collect sponsorship money for their efforts. Please send any sponsorship money into school on the day in an envelope labeled with your child’s name and class.

I have no doubt that this is going to be an enjoyable event for all and together we’ll be an unstoppable force against cancer.
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