Wednesday 24 July 2019

Get Caught Reading: Louie

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 Louie visited his Auntie and Uncle and spent time completing the word search with his Uncle.  Louie choose reading over jumping in the refreshing pool. Good choice Louie.

Get Caught Reading
Why have a reading competition?
At Broadford we believe in developing a culture where children are intrinsically motivated to read for pleasure. We believe in encouraging them to read both inside and beyond school. We believe that the most effective way to promote reading is to work in partnership with parents and families.

How does it work?
During the holidays, parents and family look out for chances to 'catch their child reading'. This can be a book or any other reading material: timetables, recipes, instructions. The images can then be shared via our social media platforms to celebrate the reading being done and promote the competition to other families. Look out for photos from staff, who also take part in the promotion!

What is done with the images?
Our librarian adds the images to the Get Caught Reading Map. We plot the distance from where the image was taken to the school - so that we can see if it is possible to beat the previous year's reading mileage. All the images are posted on our blog and entered into the competition. At the end of the holiday, the most unique and interesting photo wins a prize!

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