Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Admissions to Reception Classes in September 2012-13

Admissions to Reception Classes in September 2012-13

Havering Council has asked all infant, junior and primary schools to remind parents/ carers that the closing dates for applications for children who are due to start school in September 2012 is Tuesday, 15 January 2012.

Parents/ carers are reminded that they still need to apply for a place for their child(ren) even if they attend a nursery class or early year’s provider attached to their preferred infant or primary school, or they have an older child who is already attending their preferred infant or primary school and will still be attending their preferred school, or partner junior school, in September 2012.

Parents/ carers who have not submitted an application by the closing date are likely to find that they will not be allocated a place at their preferred school and may be allocated a place at a school that is some distance from their home address.

Parents/ carers must also remember that if they are applying for a place for their child at a voluntary aided denominational faith school they must also submit a Supplementary Information Form to the school(s) concerned and return it by the 15 January 2012. If they are applying for a place at a catholic school they must also approach a priest or religious leader to complete the standard Priest’s Reference Form. Copies of these forms can be downloaded from www.havering.gov.uk/admissions or can be obtained direct from the school(s) concerned.

Parents/ carers should be aware that the number of children requiring a place in Reception classes in September 2012 is forecast to be higher than last year. It is, therefore, very important that an application has been submitted by the closing date, more than one preference has been expressed and schools local to your home address have been included on your preference form.

If you require further information and guidance on the application process you can get information from the “Starting School in Havering” brochure. This is available for download on the Havering website: www.havering.gov.uk/admissions or a hard copy is available, together with a paper application from local libraries, the Town Hall and the PASC in central Romford.

Parents/ carers can, if they prefer apply online by going to www.havering.gov.uk/eadmissions which will take you directly to the online website.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the School Admissions Team at Mercury House on 01708 – 434600 for further advice and guidance.

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